Outsourcing & Human Resources


With ever increasing business demands for quality employees, we deliver top of the range outsourcing packages / human resource services that will suit your needs no matter the scope.

We monitor our staff on the job for effective and efficient performance. Our company offers a range of services in the recruitment process. A non-exhaustive list includes:

• Searching for candidates better known as head hunting;

• Screening of candidates; and

• Introducing and recommending suitable candidates to clients.

We are grooming Liberia’s best jobseekers as we believe that a company’s employees are prerequisites to its success.

These days, most major companies realize that graduate and executive recruitment should form part of their business strategy, since staff are their most valuable assets.

Consequently, they are willing to take advantage of the best recruitment services in order to employ the best people.

We seek the best candidates for executive positions in Liberia and our clients tend to stem from Financial, Oil, Insurance, Mining, Agriculture, Aviation, Pharmaceutical, Automobile and Telecommunication sectors as well as from multinationals and diplomatic bodies.

We also offer first-stage interviewing and aptitude testing (including personality and performance profiling) as directed by each client at a negotiable fee.

We cater for foreign companies and investors who normally find the recruitment of local staff very challenging, especially for new ventures, and we endeavour to find the best in the market for them.

Please note that we also recruit expatriates and re-patriates (Liberians that have moved back home after having schooled, lived and worked abroad for many years). Employers and Investors are encouraged to register with PMLI for productive employees.