Oil and Gas/Depot Management

Oil and Gas/Depot Management


This training is designed to improve the knowledge of the operatives and those managing them on the characteristics of the products they are handling, help them proactively identify the various reasons and types of product losses and how best to control these losses to the barest minimum.

At the end of our training, the participants will be able to:

1.      Understand the significance of the various properties of petroleum product and how each of these properties affect the entire product handling process in terms of risk, product loss, quality control, and generally the entire operational efficiency.

2.      Understand the standard for storage tank design and their impact on the entire operational efficiency

3.   Understand the importance of processes in handling petroleum products and the impact of NOT following the laid down procedure.

4.      Understand the basis for stock management, the various types of losses, and methods of controlling losses during operations.

Target Group: 


All staff engaged in the Management and operation of Oil Storage facility, Depot technicians, Supervisors and Terminal Managers.