Project Management


Project Management 

The project management training is to close the gap between business strategy and return on investments, and allow for paying attention to

details in maximizing limited resources at minimized cost at strategic, operational and tactical levels of organizational structure.

 At the end of this training, the participants will be able to:

  1.  Learn how to come up with accurate project schedules that will meet project timelines, and track resources, anticipate risks, and deliver projects on time within budgets.
  2.  Learn how to determine the quantity and quality of resources require for any project execution at a definite project time and minimal cost.
  3.  How to allocate limited resources across the project phases will be learnt in details by participants in this workshop
  4.  The knowledge of project management will infuse a new corporate culture of team building mentality and group integration. 
  5.  The project management skills will make individual member of an organization to develop confidence in managing his/her process or activities in a manner that contribute positively to overall project objectives.