Agro Business Management

Agro Business Management

Farming as a Business is meant to work with farmers to help them build knowledge and skills to make their farms more profitable.

Despite steady improvements in agricultural production in recent years, Liberia remains a food-deficit country and depends heavily on international imports.

Farmers’ organizations (FOs) and their members are in the process of rebuilding infrastructure after years of civil war, which means that they have limited storage, processing and marketing capacity.

While 70 percent of the population relies on the agricultural sector for livelihood, this lack of infrastructure makes it difficult for farmers to access major regional markets and policies implemented by the Liberian Government favour imports.

This system disadvantages local producers and discourages surplus production.

In addition, cooperatives do not have access to the financial services needed to effectively manage the agricultural value chain.

The majority of smallholder farmers in Liberia are women.” World Food program, 2014

At the end of our trainings, the participants will be able to:

1.  Reflect on the various arrays of problems facing the Liberian farmer from the purchase of farm inputs, to methods of production and marketing.

2.  Understand that the role of marketing includes collection from farm gates, logistics of transporting produce from area of surplus production to areas of deficit production and eventually the sale of the produce to the consumer.

3.      Understand the importance of production planning in value creation in the produce distribution chain.

4.     Understand how the farmer’s cooperatives can profitably use commercial banks funding to create wealth for their members. How to become bank-able.

5.      Understand the principles and practice of cooperatives marketing model and how this model can accelerate the development in Liberia through wealth building.